Woman Masonic Ring

lady masonic ring

If you are a woman and you inherited a Mason ring, got it as a gift, or you love Masonic jewelry, you must be wondering, can a woman wear a Masonic ring?

Freemasonry is a men’s fraternity, so most women wonder whether it’s okay to wear the rings. The good news is, yes, you can definitely wear a Masonic ring as a woman.

If you inherited the ring, you could be wearing it as a way to honor and remember your loved one, and there is nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, if you love how the mason ring looks and have bought it, it’s yours, and you can do whatever you want with it, including wearing it.

Wearing a ring doesn’t mean you are a mason.

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Word of caution: While you can wear the Freemason ring as a woman, it doesn’t mean you are a mason.

Wearing the ring is synonymous with wearing an Olympic medal. If you wear a medal of an Olympic world champion, does it mean you are now a champion?

Absolutely not. So don’t think you are a mason just because you are wearing a Mason ring.

Remember that Freemasons purchase Masonic memorabilia such as rings, lapel pins, aprons, cufflinks, and other regalia after mastering the Freemasonry’s many specific degrees, and since you haven’t mastered any degree, you aren’t a Freemason yet.

If you would love to be a Freemason, you can join the women-only Freemason lodges. Here is more on women Freemasons and how to join.

How to properly wear a Masonic ring

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There are plenty of myths surrounding how you should wear a Masonic ring. Some say you should wear it with the compass’s points towards you, while others say you should wear it with the points away from your body.

You should know that there is no right or wrong way to wear the ring. You can wear it with the points of the compass towards or away from your body. It doesn’t matter!

You can also wear the ring on any hand or finger, so if you have been wondering what finger to wear Masonic ring on, you can wear it on any finger.

While you can wear the ring on any finger, you should note that different fingers have different meanings, so you send a different message depending on the finger you are wearing the ring.

To help you out, here is what each finger symbolizes:

The pinky: It’s the finger furthest from your body, and it often denotes intuition, above-average communication, and strategic thinking. Wearing the ring on this finger doesn’t tie you to any religious association.

The ring finger: The ring finger screams love for relationships, and it shows you are strong at building and nurturing relationships.

In Freemasonry, the finger is associated with the moon, which is a reflection of the sun’s light. Wearing the ring on this finger shows your thirst for knowledge and enlightenment.

The middle finger: The middle finger is associated with negativity, and you should avoid wearing your Freemason ring on this finger.

The pointer: This finger is a symbol of authority and leadership. Wearing your mason ring on this finger indicates you have high self-esteem, confidence, and exemplary leadership abilities.

The thumb: People wearing their rings on the thumb are fashion-oriented, so if you are into fashion, swank the ring.

Where to buy a mason ring

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Freemasons buy their rings from their lodges after mastering the different Freemason degrees.

Does this mean you have to join the Freemasons to get the rings? Absolutely not, as there are plenty of online stores, you can buy custom mason rings from.

Here at Tillfo, we have plenty of women’s Masonic rings you can buy. Whether you are looking for vintage, gothic, knights, or any other type of ring, we have them.

One of the most important things to consider when buying the rings is your size. Of course, this will depend on the finger you are planning to wear the ring.

If you don’t know your ring size, go to your local jeweler and ask them to take your measurements. If buying the ring for a friend, ensure you know their size too.

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