What Are Military Rings?

Whether you have served military service college, other special units, or a military enthusiast, you can wear an army ring.
Types of army rings
If you are looking to buy an army ring, you should know they come in different designs and sizes.
Ages ago, military bands had a boring heavy signet, but this is no longer the case. Most modern bands go beyond the traditional heavy signet and feature original designs that fit modern fashion and lifestyles.
As mentioned, there are many types of military bands you can go for. The most common ones being:
Basic rings
These are the bands you will find in most shops. They are often basic and come in almost just one design. When you are in the stores, you have to try different bands to find the one that fits you the best.
Personalized rings
From their name, these are customized, meaning that they come in your preferred design. You get in touch with a ring-making company such as tillfo and place your order. The band maker then custom makes the ring for you.
The band manufacturers can make any band, so whether you are looking for a navy ring, air force ring, marine band, or any other army-themed ring, the manufacturers will make one for you.
Since the units are custom, they often cost more than the basic band.
The cool thing is they are in your unique design, so you can be sure that you won’t meet someone else with a similar ring.
The rings often feature specific details such as unique engravings and unit crests.
Like the basic bands, they come in different square, heavy and oval bezel-set that come with engraved sides and engraved bands.
If you don’t like heavy jewelry, thin band bands feature center stones that look more like fashion jewelry than a military band.
Other types include:
Official licensed U.S. Army logo ring
The most common in this category is the gold-plated signet band featuring the army logo engraved in gold on a black background and the inner band reading, “Strong Army.”
Precious metal ring
Here you have your jewelry made from a precious metal that is personalized with a branch, crest, or army unit. One of the most popular is the 14K gold ring that features a soldier’s army unit crest on one side and branch information on the other side.
Basic army-themed band.
This is the most basic army ring but with some personalized aspects. The most popular is the gold-plated band featuring a bezel-set faceted crystal stone and the American flags on both sides.
Fashion army bands
Are you fashion-conscious, and you don’t want just a basic army ring? You can order a fashionable marine band or any other band with thin bands and center stones, that often feature accessory stones.
Precious metal ring with diamonds
From the title, this band is made from precious metal and features a few diamonds. You can have a platinum ring with an Army crest and branch information on each side and a diamond center stone.
How much do army bands cost?
The rings come at different prices, where the prices vary depending on the materials used to make the band and the customization level.
A basic pre-made air force band with a U.S. Army eagle and American Flag with a gold overlay band and a cubic zirconia stone can go for as low as $20, but a custom gold, navy ring with diamonds can go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Thankfully, you can buy military ring online for a much lower price.
Buying a military ring as a gift
If you have a loved one who is a special soldier, whether veteran, on active duty, retired, or someone that is simply a military enthusiast, you can buy them an army ring as a present. When buying the band, ensure you know the person’s tastes and band size.

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