A Masonic Signet Ring

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What Is a Masonic Signet Ring?
Although no one knows the exact time when people starting wearing signate Masonic rings, they are one of the best rings you should consider wearing if you are thinking about buying a Masonic ring.
 The word “signet” comes from the word “Sign” meaning that the ring provides a symbol which can be anything and you use a real Masonic ring as a seal to validate the authenticity of the owner.
How are Masonic signet rings made?
The basic ring is made without any ornaments on its face and it’s up to the ring maker to cut or incise an imprint of the symbol or symbols that the ring is looking to display.
Since it’s a Masonic, the symbol is usually a Masonic square and compass but if you are looking for a custom Masonic ring, you can ask the ring designer to cut your preferred sign and add other details.
To create the cut, the ring maker first creates a design on wax then presses the design onto soft material and as a result, you create a raised image design in the wax that you have stamped.
How do you wear a Masonic signet ring?
Contrary to popular belief, you can wear the Masonic ring on any finger as there isn’t a right or wrong finger to wear it. You can also wear the ring on the right or left hand, depending on your preferences.
If you are married and wondering which hand you should wear the right, most married people often wear the ring on the opposite hand from which they wear their wedding ring, usually on the 3rd finger. It’s also not uncommon to find some people wearing the ring on their little finger.
When it comes to the square and compass, the two “legs” of the compass should point away from you just as the original signet rings did.
How do you take care of your Masonic signet ring?
To retain the new look of the ring for a long time, you need to take good care of it. How do you do this? There are plenty of ways to do it. Some of these ways include:
Keep the ring clean
You should clean your ring regularly to maintain the shine. When doing it, don’t clean it using the usual house cleaning products. Instead, use steam. In addition to the steam killing any harmful bacteria that might be on the ring, it also will keep the ring clean without causing any damage.
Don’t expose the ring to tough environments
Masonic rings are made from tough materials but this doesn’t mean you should expose them to the tough conditions as the ring can easily chip. In some cases, the table of the cut stone can be susceptible to wear and tear and you don’t want this. Do you?
One thing you shouldn’t do is to expose the ring to harsh chemicals. If you work in a factory or you are going to handle harsh chemicals, remove the ring before you handle the chemicals.
You also shouldn’t knock the ring against hard materials as it can chip or even break.

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