Tips to remember when wearing rings


Have you just started wearing military rings, wedding rings, or other types of rings and wondering which finger you should wear them on? The truth is you can wear the ring on any finger. You only need to ensure you wear the ring correctly. To help you out, here is how to wear the rings on the different fingers:

Pinky finger

This is often the first choice for people looking to wear statement rings, and many perks come with wearing the ring on the pinky finger, with the common ones being:

The pinky finger doesn’t have a cultural or religious association, so you won’t be mistaken for having any religious affiliations when you wear your ring on this finger.

The pinky doesn’t come in the way of the heavily used index/pointer finger, so you won’t have to worry about failing to accomplish your tasks because you are wearing a ring. This also means that your ring doesn’t wear out as quickly as if you had worn it on the index or any other finger.

Since the pinky is isolated from the body, the ring tends to pop out more hence you have an easy time passing your intended message.

Wearing the ring on the fourth finger

The fourth finger is usually associated with wedding symbolism, so when you wear your Masonic ring or any other ring on this finger, people are likely to think you are wearing a wedding band while it’s not the case.

If you don’t want people to mistake the ring for a wedding band, you should get a large ring with unique decorative designs.

The middle finger

Although the middle finger is the largest and boldest, few people wear a ring here, so you are bound to get some attention by wearing a ring on this finger.

While wearing the ring on this finger gives you a unique appeal, it can sometimes get in the way, especially if the ring is large and you engage in manual tasks.

If you have to wear your ring on this finger, keep it small and simple.

Wearing the ring on the pointer finger

Since the pointer finger is the most active digit, many people prefer keeping it clear, but nothing should stop you if you love wearing your ring here.

Although you can wear any ring on this finger, some of the best rings to wear here are class rings, family rings, membership crests, and fraternal rings.

Wearing the ring on the thumb

A thumb ring is a sign of wealth or influence in most societies, so if you have always wanted to wear a ring on this finger, you should go ahead and do it.

For a great look, ensure that the ring is broad or bulky so you can draw attention to it.

Tips to remember when wearing rings

Wear the right type of ring

As you have seen, you can wear rings on any hand—you only need to ensure that you wear the ring correctly. One thing you should do is to ensure that you pay attention to the size of your hands.

If you have large hands, wear a large ring and vice versa.

Be confident

Many people are wary of what people will say when they see them wearing rings on less common fingers such as the thumb or the pointer finger.

Others are concerned about the image they project when they wear multiple rings on one or both hands.

As a ring enthusiast, you have nothing to worry about. As mentioned above, you can wear your ring on any finger making no apologies. As long as you love how the ring looks and feels, you are good to go.

If you are shy or struggle with social anxiety, begin wearing the ring inside the house until you have grown fond of the ring’s look and weight.

Balance the ring with other jewelry

Although you don’t have to, create proportion by balancing your ring with other jewelry. For example, when you wear a ring on the right hand, wear a watch on the left hand.

If you are wearing a wedding ring and a watch on the left hand, balance it with a bracelet on the right wrist.

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