Some Famous Freemason Rings

Who wears Masonic Rings?

Masonic rings have been around since time immemorial, and over time, plenty of rings have come and gone. If you are new to freemasonry and you would love to know about the history of the rings, here are some of the popular rings you should know about it:


The Domineering Vinta

Designed in 1350, the Domineering Vinta is one of the oldest Masonic rings on earth. Also known as the Paris France, the ring features a big capital G smack in the middle of the Masonic square and compass.

Over the years, the ring has been worn by the top members of society, including presidents.

The ring has had various uses at different times. During the middle ages, the ring was used as a form of identification. When anyone wore it, and a mason saw it, they would recognize your rank and render you the services you asked for.

Besides using the ring as a form of identification, plenty of people have used it as a way to protect themselves against physical things such as assassination and robbery.

You must be wondering how this is possible, but when you wear the ring and the person planning to undertake the heinous attack is a member of the freemasonry organization, they don’t harm you when they see you wearing the ring. The principal reason for this is because brothers don’t attack brothers.

The master mason ring

Designed and produced in the middle 20th century, the Master mason ring was produced to replace the Domineering Vinta, but it came with a different design featuring engraved diamonds.

Despite diamonds’ presence and the fact that the ring served the same purpose as the Domineering Vinta, some Master masons didn’t like it and preferred the first one.

The Masonic skull ring

It’s probably the most popular Masonic ring in the market, and Masonic soldiers and protectors wore it. You can also call them bodyguards, as all they did was ensure that no member of the organization was harmed or abused physically.

The freemason soldiers were first recruited during the late middle ages when there was a lot of war and lawless society.

Master Masons extensively and exclusively wore these rings, but the rings were introduced to the Masonic soldiers due to their dedication and contribution.

When it comes to their use, the Masonic skull ring was primarily used for identification. The same way a police officer would flash their ID, and you would tell their name, profession, and rank, a Mason, could tell the rank of the solder by looking at their ring.

The free and accepted Masons ring (F&M)

This is the most common ring, and anyone can wear it. This means that even if you aren’t a Freemasons member, you can definitely wear it.

Those in the Apprentice rank mainly wear the ring, but friends of those in the Freemason’s confraternity can also wear it.

The purpose of the ring is to show that someone has at least been accepted as an Apprentice.


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